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About Sunshine® Mixes

Rely on Sunshine® retail potting mixes and amendments for all of your gardening needs! Our top-grade products are based on Sunshine® professional, the most popular brand for greenhouse and nursery growers, so you can plant with confidence.

The Sunshine® line of home garden products offers a wide variety of mixes and peat moss products for gardening success. They are produced under the highest quality standards and designed to meet almost every indoor or outdoor gardening need. Whether you are planting flowers, herbs, and vegetables in gardens, raised beds, and containers, Sunshine® has you covered.

Sunshine® is another great brand in the Sun Gro Horticulture® family of products, which includes Black Gold®, Fafard®, and Sunshine Advanced® potting mixes and amendments. Sunshine® retail products are sold in Canada and the United States. Look for them at your favorite garden centers, nurseries, or hardware stores.