Sunshine Mix #4 Professional Growing Mix

Sunshine® Mix #4 Professional Growing Mix has high air capacity, fast drainage, and is ideal for water- and salt-sensitive crops […]

Sunshine Mix #4 with Mycorrhizae

Sunshine® Mix #4 with Mycorrhizae is a superior mix for indoor growing. It contains horticultural grade perlite for greater porosity […]

Sunshine® Mix #4 Natural & Organic Coco-Lite™, Canada

Porous, lightweight soils support strong root growth and overall plant performance. That’s why I grow my potted edibles in Sunshine® […]

Sunshine® Natural & Organic Flower and Vegetable Soil, Canada

If you love raising beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables, our new Sunshine® Natural & Organic Flower and Vegetable Soil is […]

Sunshine Natural & Organic Raised Bed and Potting Mix, Canada

Raised bed gardening is one of the best methods for growing vigorous vegetables and herbs with less fuss. That’s why […]

Sunshine Professional Potting Mix – Canada

Grow like the pros with Sunshine Professional Potting Mix! This all-purpose mix provides superior moisture retention and aeration to make […]